Our Product Range and Services

We stock Royal Canin , James Wellbeloved, Wagg, Beta, but we can get just about anything you require, ( at least we will do our best). Our range of cat food includes Royal Canin, James Wellbeloved, Natures Menu .

We also stock Pet Munchies, Likimat, Pooches, Doggyrade, JR pet products, Dreamies, Zoon, and many many more

We also have a growing range of small animal food and our rabbits and guinea pigs like Tiny Friends Farm best.

We are constantly growing our range of products and now have a section for pond and tropical fish and birds. Most recently we have started stocking live food including Crickets , mealworms and locusts and we also have a range of frozen mice.

On a hot day why not bring you dog in to try one of our Frozzy frozen yoghurt treats.

As demand expands so does our range of products, so if you are looking for something just a little special for your pet, then call in at Whiskers & Wags. If we havent got what you want…. just ask and we will see what we can do.

We also offer a free dog weighing service on our veterinary standard scales , and a free coat and harness fitting service . ( Dogs are welcome in the New Market Hall and we love to have doggy cuddles , it brightens our day)

In the near future we are hoping to offer a pet tag engraving service as well.